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Heavy-duty repair shops that do both towing and heavy-duty repairs can be hard to come by, but for those looking, you’ve found us here at RPD Services. Not only will we tow your heavy-duty vehicle, but we’ll bring it to our shop and fix it up for you. We offer tow services for heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks of all kinds. Whether you’ve got a broken down 18-wheeler or a large box truck that’s stuck in a ditch, RPD Services is the place to call. With a full roster of towing professionals and a time-tested process, you can’t go wrong calling RPD Services. Our towing services are available 24/7. We will drive as far as we possibly can to help heavy-duty truck drivers all over the state.

Heavy-Duty 24/7 Truck Towing Salem, OR

Towing Service Versus Roadside Assistance

When broken down on the road, it can be difficult to choose between roadside assistance and towing. After all, it’s hard to know whether the damage can be repaired right from the side of the road without a proper diagnosis. Here at RPD Services, we offer both towing and roadside assistance services. When we arrive on the scene, we’ll be able to inspect your vehicle and provide you with advice on how to move forward. 

What Jobs Require Towing? 

What jobs require towing; you may ask? Great question! Jobs that require equipment that can only be found inside a well-equipped shop are really the only jobs that require towing. Generally, intensive engine repair that requires manpower and engine lifts can only be done from a shop. The same goes for framework, anything that requires the removal of the body from the frame, and other large-scale repairs. 

Roadside Assistance Jobs

If the damage is relatively minor, the job can be done from the side of the road. After all, it’s a lot cheaper to fix something out on the road than it is to tow it to a shop. Roadside assistance jobs usually include minor cooling system repairs, tire replacement, and other minor related services. 

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