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Your heavy-duty drivetrain is what transfers your engine’s power to your truck’s wheels. It all starts with your transmission, where your power is optimized using a series of gears. From the transmission, the power is transferred to your rear differential using a rotating driveshaft. Depending on how many axles you have, you may have more than one differential and driveshaft. From your differential, the power is diverted toward the wheels that are connected to the axle. At RPD Services, we’ll maintain, inspect, and repair all parts of your drivetrain.

Heavy-Duty Truck Drivetrain Repair Salem, OR

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Common Drivetrain Problems

Leaking Fluid

For every axle that receives power, a differential and set of axles will be present. Both your axles and differential need to be lubricated at all times, and both will commonly share the same lubricant. Over time, this fluid may leak from your drain plug, axle seals, or the differential cover. Our technicians will identify the source of the leak, replace the seals or gaskets, and refill your gear oil.

Overheating Transmission

If your transmission is overheating, we recommend coming in for service right away. Transmissions that overheat for prolonged periods of time are at serious risk of complete failure. Common causes of an overheating transmission include lubrication failure, leaks, and transmission cooler failure. RPD Services offer drivetrain services of all kinds. Give us a call to find out more. 

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