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Your transmission is a series of gears designed to optimize your engine’s power. It’s the first step in a complex drivetrain and is often regarded as being one of the most important components within a heavy-duty vehicle. Like other moving components, your transmission needs to be lubricated at all times. This allows for adequate heat and friction management.

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Common Transmission Issues

Trouble Shifting

Are your gear shifts very rough or sudden? If so, you may have low transmission fluid. Rough gear changes generally mean your gears aren’t being properly lubricated. It’s important to schedule an appointment right away to avoid potential damage.

Dragging Clutch

Is your clutch dragging after a gear change? For those that aren’t aware, a dragging clutch is a clutch that doesn’t properly engage/disengage from your engine when clutch pedal is actuated. This particular problem is caused by worn clutch components, the clutch is not properly adjusted, or is damaged. If you’re experiencing this issue, be sure to bring your truck in for service right away. We have the tools, equipment, and know-how to fix all clutch related issues. 

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