Truck Suspension Repair Services
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Heavy-duty suspensions are known for their reliability, but they’re not immune to wear and tear. Over time, shock absorbers can leak, ride control valves may malfunction, and airbags may suffer from dry rot. RPD Services, offer a wide variety of great heavy-duty suspension services. Want to hear more about our services? Give us a call!

Heavy-Duty Truck Suspension Repair Oregon

About Our Suspension Repair Services for Commercial Trucks & Fleets

Shock Absorbers - How They Work

Shock absorbers are responsible for absorbing road impacts and vibrations, all while controlling your truck’s rebound movement. Without them, your truck would likely bounce after encountering a bump or hole in the road. Shocks have fluid within them that allows for this control and absorption. When shocks reach a certain age, their seals are prone to failing. When this happens, their fluid may leak out, compromising the component's ability to adequately absorb road vibrations and control rebound movement. 

Air Bags - How They Work

Air bags are a type of air spring that allows for variable load, as opposed to leaf springs. These bags fill with air until they reach the proper ride height using a ride height control valve which is connected to the air system. When equipped they are able to haul the equivalent of, if not more, than what leaf springs can handle.

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