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Heavy-duty engines are very complex, and although they’re generally very durable, they still need regular maintenance and repair as necessary. There are a lot of components within your engine that may need to be repaired over time. This includes everything from your fuel system to your charge air system. We work on Caterpillar, Cummins, Chevy, Detroit, Ford, GM, Hino, Isuzu, Navistar and Paccar.

Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Repair Salem, OR

About Our Diesel Engine Repair Services

Important Heavy-Duty Engine Components

Glow Plugs

Contrary to popular belief, glow plugs do not perform the same function as spark plugs. Rather than providing a spark, glow plugs heat your engine to enhance combustion. In theory, depending on the temperature of your engine and the climate of where you are, you may not even need glow plugs to start your truck. Over time, glow plugs fail and require replacement. Most manufacturers recommend changing glow plugs every 100 thousand miles. 

Diesel Fuel Filters

Most diesel engines have two fuel filters that are responsible for removing impurities from your fuel. Without them, your fuel injectors would get clogged and fail to provide your engine with a reliable flow of fuel. These fuel filters need to be changed during every oil change. The lifecycle of each filter generally lines up with the lifecycle of heavy-duty engine oil. 

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