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Keeping your truck and trailer properly aligned is essential to the lifespan and overall health of your heavy-duty truck. A truck that’s not properly aligned is one that’s going to experience a lot of problems in its lifespan. Here at RPD Services, we offer alignments for heavy-duty trucks of all times. Whether you need a front-end alignment, a two-axle alignment, or a three-axle alignment, you can rely on RPD Services to get the job done right.

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Truck & Trailer Misalignment Symptoms

Pulling to One Side

There are a lot of symptoms that you may notice if your truck is misaligned. The most common, and arguably the most noticeable, is a truck that pulls to one side. This generally means part of your linkage assembly is misaligned, causing one of your wheels to point in the wrong direction. If one of your wheels is pointing in the wrong direction by even a fraction of an inch, your truck may pull to one side. The worse the misalignment is, the worse the pulling will be. 

Uneven Tread Wear

Uneven tread wear usually occurs when your camber angles are misaligned. Camber refers to your wheel's position perpendicular to the ground. If this angle is not set correctly, one side of your tire’s tread will wear out faster than the other. This shortens the lifespan of your tires and costs you more money in the long run. Uneven tread wear can be an indicator of a lot of problems, so be sure to keep an eye on how it wears out. 

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