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How Does My EGR System Work? 

Your Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is responsible for cooling and recirculating a portion of your exhaust gas back into your combustion chamber. The component that allows for this recirculation is your EGR valve. This valve controls the flow of exhaust gases and is generally regarded as one of the most important EGR components.

Malfunctioning EGR Symptoms

Performance Issues

Plugged EGR and intake components due to soot load are common causes of engine performance related issues. Routine inspections and testing of the EGR system is the best way to prevent downtime.

Rough Idle and Stalling

A common problem is when the EGR is stuck in open valve which can cause rough idling and stalling. This generally occurs when your EGR valve malfunctions and allows too much unregulated exhaust gas to enter your combustion chamber. This can cause poor engine performance. 

How Does My DPF Work? 

Your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) captures soot and other diesel particulate matter before it can enter our atmosphere. It’s mounted directly to your exhaust piping, meaning all of your exhaust must go through it before exiting the system. 

Does My DPF Need To Be Cleaned? 

Yes. Per manufacturers service intervals DPF will require maintenance.

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