Preventive Maintenance Services
in Salem, Oregon

There are a lot of components within a heavy-duty vehicle that needs to be proactively maintained. The most well-known examples are components that require lubrication or cooling, but preventive maintenance goes far beyond that. Preventive maintenance is the practice of identifying issues before they become concerns. Discovering small air leaks before they become major is one such example. Anything from the old coolant to a worn bushing can cause serious problems, but we’re here to catch them before that happens. Whether you need a specific service or a full preventive maintenance inspection, you can rest assured knowing RPD Services has you covered.

Heavy-Duty Preventive Maintenance Salem, OR

Components That Require Lubrication

Diesel Engines

Diesel engines need to be lubricated at all times. Most manufacturers recommend a service interval of 3 to 6 thousand miles, whereas transmissions and other large components need their fluids changed every 30 to 60 thousand miles. Failing to regularly replace the lubricant in your engine may lead to excessive overheating and severe damage. 

Transmission and Differentials

Your transmission is a series of gears designed to optimize your engine’s power. Your differentials, on the other hand, have a series of gears designed to distribute power to each wheel. Both of these components need their lubricant changed every 30 to 60 thousand miles. Failing to do so may lead to overheating problems and shredded gears. 

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